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Looking for an Aupair, especially for the first time, can be very frustrating and stressful.
So why not leave all the work to us??

We will help you get a suitable Aupair by keeping contacts with both the host family and Aupair during the whole process.

As a hostfamily, you should be in a position to provide a bedroom for an Aupair, food and pocket money. The pocket money differs from the host country.

A hostfamily plays a great role in the Aupair exchange programme. They make Aupairs feel integrated in a foreign country. Assist them to learn a foreign culture, and assists to practice the foreign language the Aupair learns.

Due to culture differences between the hostfamily and the Aupair, the hostfamily should have lots of patience and understanding to give room to the foreign Aupair to adapt to the new environment.

To avoid misunderstanding between hostfamilies and Aupairs, we always advise the hostfamilies to make a list of all the chores and a future work schedule for your Aupair before she begins her Aupair year. Explain to the Aupair what is expected of her, and the Aupair should also share her ideas with the hostfamily for both parties to come up with the best solution.

The hostfamilies are required to buy a medical insurance for the Aupair. Every Country varies in the amount needed to purchase the Au pair insurance. For more information about Aupair insurance contact us for assistance.

The hostfamily should allow the Aupair to have time to attend a language course.

Approximate Au pair costs for 12 Months  (in Germany)

Agency Placement fee

380 Euro

Au pair Insurance (12x 38 Euro)

Approx.456 Euro

Pocket money (12x260 Euro)

Around 3120  Euro

Monthly Bus/Train ticket (e.g. Juniorticket)

Approx.120 Euro

Alien/labour office service fee

Approx. 40 Euro

 1 German course (Basic course at VHS)

Approx.130  Euro

( Normally, the Au pair is suposeed to pay for her german course costs, but most hostfamilies pay for them.)

 German courses are offered promptly  in Volkshochschule in big towns here in Germany.

More information about the courses offered according  to german levels can be found online under

For smaller towns, villages or Country side, we do recommend the hostfamilies to check with the alien office around them for further advice.

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