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It's maybe surprising for you, but our placement fee is 600 Euros only!

We do understand that most of you are not able to pay this amount at once. Therefore, we have come up with a financial downpayment that enables you to pay the fee in small portions within different period of time.

1. EUR 200,00

Application fee 

This fee is due immediately the applicant submits her application and the application has been confirmed to be complete and accepted. This fee is NON-Refundable. It caters for administrative expenses to facilitate a complete application.

2. EUR 400,00

Processing fee

This fee is due immediately the applicant receives her DS-2019 form  to go apply for her Visa.

 In case the applicant is not issued the Visa due to failure of any documentation expected to come from the agency's side, half of this fee is REFUNDABLE. This  is because the agency has alrealdy done part of the placement and has undergone some of the placement expenses under processing procedures carried out, documentation work, communication charges and other extra charges that facilitates to enhance the placement of the Au-pair to take place and be awarded the DS-2019 form that qualifies the Au-pair to go and apply for Visa.

In case the visa has been denied due to an Au pair's fault e.g. poor language skills during the interview at the embassy etc  this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE as it is not the agency's fault but the Au-pair's and the agency can not be held accountable for Au-pair's mistakes.

3. EUR 25,00  (USD 35)

SEVIS fee 

This fee is paid 2-3 working days before you go to apply for your Visa at the embassy in order to be issued a sevis number that you require to apply for your Visa. This fee is Non-refundable for it goes directly to the Department of homeland security in USA and has nothing to do with agency placement fee.

Included in this fee is:

  • all interviews and preparations for your Aupair year
  • Return air ticket to the USA (return only, if you do not abort the Aupair year before!)
  • the connection flight in the USA to a nearby airport, where the family lives
  • Sevis fee
  • any necessary preparation seminar in USA

    not included is:

    •  Visa fees (ca. 100 Euros) paid directly to american embassy
    • Personal private expenses


  • Before you fly out to the USA, you have to make a deposit of US$ 500,00.

    This fee is a portion of the program fees that is a 100% REFUNDABLE when you will  finish your Aupair year in the USA successfully.

  • Important:- In case you do not finsih your Au pair year till the end, your deposit will not be refundable and you are responsible to buy your own return ticket to fly back to your Country.

    Now you can proceed!   Send us your application!

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