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1. Your application
If you have read all the information here and for you it's clear "Yes, I want to go to the USA as an Aupair", you can apply online to us.
We will get in touch with you and make an appointment with you for...

2. Your interview
Don't worry, it's not hard.
We will ask you some questions in English, do a psychometric evaluation test with you and give you the opportunity to tell us why you want to be an Aupair in the USA.
Then follows...

3. Your written application
You will get an application folder from us and further information for your Aupair year in the USA.
Your application is your personal "business card"! You should invest some time for making nice pictures, etc. We will assist you with that!
Is your application folder complete, we will send it to the States to our partner organisation and then we proceed with...

4. Your hostfamily search
Our partner organisation is then looking for a hostfamily for you.
Please prepare for calls from hostfamilies. We will assist you with that!
Of course, you will get further information of the hostfamilies who have talked to you through email, so you can decide better which hostfamily suits you.
As soon as you have found your hostfamily, it's time to apply for ...

5. Your visa

You have to apply for your visa personally, depending on where you live.
We will assist you with that, of course.
When you have gotten your visa, you have to think about...

6. Your travel preparations

We will book a flight for you to Newark, USA.
For the last time, we will chat with you. You will get your air ticket, a booklet and tips for your first days in the States.
Finally it's high time for...

7. Your flight to the States
When you will have arrived in Newar, you will get an introduction course with our partner organisation. It includes childcare, first aid and many many important information.
After finishing the 32-hour course you will fly to your destination town where your hostfamily lives.
The hostfamily will pick you up from the airport and...

8. Your Aupair year starts
You will live a year that you will surely not forget.
You will face a lot of challenges, you will have many incredible beautiful moments, you will get to kno a new culture and many new friends.
The GlobalAupair team would be happy if we get a postcard from you from the States!

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